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Learn to Play Poker by Watching the Best Poker Videos for Free is a portal which aims to collect all the best poker videos you can find on the Internet and put them at one place. With so many different things to cover from the world of poker, there’ll be something for everyone, from beginners to experienced players. We also write reviews of real money slots app.

Our Mission

In 1998, movies Rounders and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels brought poker to the big screen, paving the way to the eventual Poker Boom which happened in the early 2000s. Namely, in 2003, they televised Main Events of World Poker Tour (WTP) and World Series of Poker (WSOP). Online poker doubled in size (at least) each year for the next three years, making poker a game popular throughout the world.

Once you start playing poker, you realize it’s not a game of chance. Sure, you need to have some luck with cards, but poker is a game of skill, where how good of a player you are will have the biggest impact on the game. Years of experience and game time are needed for you to be able to compete in a tournament such as WSOP or WPT.

So, how do you gain that? By visiting Our aim is to create a portal where you can access free poker videos that will help you go from a novice into a professional. On our portal, you’ll be able to find professional poker videos which explain all aspects of the game. From first baby steps (such as learning the hand rankings) to advanced strategies and calculations (maths are a big part of the game once you progress to a higher level), we’ll have you covered all the way.

Oftentimes, watching players do the moves they’re explaining is a much better way to understand and get the grips with them than to read rows of text that can’t get the idea across as efficiently. Therefore, has opted to find and gather information and tutorials in video form, creating the most extensive database of poker videos in 2019 you can find online.

What You Can Find is divided into several sections. Firstly, you’ll find tutorials and instructional videos, so you can learn the basics of the game with ease. There are starting tips and tricks for those who are just beginning playing the beautiful game. But, as you grow and your game improves, there will be more advanced training material to let you keep your progress going. So, even if you’re an experienced player, you’ll also be able to find something helpful. Improving never stops, and there’s always something new you can learn and add to your game.

Secondly, you can also find a library of televised poker tournaments. WSOP and WPT have given us many famous hand-offs which professional players locked horns in. The best way to learn how to make a perfect bluff is by watching Tom “durrrr” Dwan do it. Even without the learning curve to these poker videos, it’s a glorious sight to watch a game of poker where at the final table you can see the likes of Antonius, Ivey, Negreanu, and Hellmuth going against each other.

Furthermore, there will be other interesting topics our videos will cover. With poker TV shows and interviews with the players, you’ll get to take a peek in behind-the-scenes of large poker tournaments. Also, professional players will give their insight into how they approach a game and how they managed to reach the level they’re at. Finally, as you probably know, there’s more to poker than just Texas Hold ‘Em. There will be instructional videos on other poker variants, so you don’t have to limit yourself to just Texas or Omaha Hold ‘Em.

Who We Are is a team of experienced gamblers and gambling enthusiasts. With years of being in the industry, we’ve been on both sides of winning and losing. When we started out, we didn’t have all the information available for us that people who are starting now have. In our experience, we feel that the best way to learn about the game is by watching video tutorials and other videos on the subject.

We’ve made our goal to provide you with what we didn’t have — a portal which collects all such videos and puts them in one place for your convenience. With on the scene, there’s nothing stopping you from elevating your game to the next level.