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In 2002, Steven Lipscomb, who founded the aptly named company, WPT Enterprises, came up with the World Poker Tour. Since its beginnings, the World Poker Tour (WPT) tournament changed hands several times, with the latest acquisition taking place in 2015. Back then, Ourgame International Holdings bought the tournament for $35 million.

WPT is a series of international poker events where players compete in No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em. Unlike in regular Hold ‘Em, no-limit means that players don’t have any restrictions regarding how much money they can add to the pot. In each round, players can raise by as much as they wish, making the ‘all in’ a rather popular and dramatic move.

With No-Limit, blinds rise progressively as the game goes on. So, knowing how to manage your budget and not go out too quickly is equally important as knowing how to play the game. Unlike the World Series of Poker, WPT focuses only on Texas Hold ‘Em. This, together with the level of popularity, is why many poker enthusiasts regard WPT to be behind WSOP in both how much participants they attract and how much worth WPT bracelets have.

Another distinction is that there are no conditions you need to meet in order to qualify for a WPT event. There are no tour cards that you need to acquire during the year. In fact, all events are open to everyone who’s ready to pay the buy-in. So, the event table of each tournament can contain professional poker players competing against your Average Joes. Well, not that average — after all, they could afford a professional poker tournament buy-in.

Today, WPT is a television series that broadcasts in 150 countries all over the world. They organize events all across the globe. But it didn’t start off that ambitiously.

Brief History Overview

In 2002, the first edition of the World Poker Tour, there were ten tours, plus the final WPT Championship. At the final event, the total prize pool was almost $2.7 million, while the winner, Alan Goehring, went home with just above $1 million. Next four seasons saw a steady rise in the prize pools, with the season 5 winner, Carlos Mortensen, cashing in a tad under $4 million. However, since then, the prizes went down gradually each year, hitting the record-low $381,500, which is how much the season 15 (2016–17) winner, Daniel Weinman, cashed in.

 poker Tournament

Back in 2002, WPT creator Lipscomb, who was a TV producer and an attorney, came up with the idea of broadcasting the final table event. His approach to it was to use hole cards and have cameras show what each player was holding. Additionally, he had professional commentators explaining the progression of the hand. Consequently, WPT appealed even to people who weren’t avid poker players as this concept helped them know what was going on.

In 2009, when the Tour changed owners, they decided to no longer restrict themselves to the United States. Soon, they organized events in different parts of Europe and Asia, with the final table changing venues as well, as opposed to taking place at the Bellagio in Las Vegas, Nevada. In Season 16, the latest WPT edition (2017–18), there were 19 events which led up to the final WPT Tournament of Champions in Aria Resort and Casino. Most of the events took place on different locations in the United States. However, they also went to other places in the world. Namely, there were events in Beijing, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Quebec.

WPT Champion and Player of the Year

At the end of each season, they hold the final table main event. The winner of this tournament is considered the overall winner of WPT, receiving the title of WPT Champion. They receive the Champions Cup trophy, and they have their names engraved in the trophy. However, they use the WPT Champion award only for the winner of the final event. And as we’ve already said, there are no prerequisites for participation. Basically, if you have $25,000 to shell out for the buy-in, you can just show up at the final event and become the Champion.

With this in mind, many people (especially professional players) value more the Player of the Year award. Player of the Year goes to the player who has performed most consistently throughout the year.

In the first eight years, all seven players who’d end up at the final table of each event would receive points. The seventh-ranked player would get 200 points, while the first would receive 1,000. In the end, all these points would get mashed up, and the one with the most points would win the Player of the Year award.

Later, they changed the system to award all players with in-the-money finishes. So far, nobody managed to win both the Player of the Year award and the WPT Champions Cup.

World Poker Tour Videos

This tournament has been televised since its opening season and different events take place throughout the year. As a result, there are plenty of videos you can find online regarding the Tour. But is there a website which collects all of them and puts them in one place? Well, now there is!

In this section of, you’ll find many different subcategories of WPT poker videos: full episodes, interviews, behind the scenes, hand tutorials, etc. With full episodes, you’ll be able to rewatch some of the greatest hand-offs between players and watch how pros keep their cool even after hours of playing.

Moving on, interviews will help you get a backstory on what the professionals’ road to glory looked like and will give you their observations about the game. WPT poker videos regarding tutorials, logically, walk you through specific hands and teach you how to master the game.

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